Wrestling back!

Today was a great day, with wrestling being voted back into the Olympic programme for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I am thrilled and excited beyond words- the emotions run deep. 

This whole process for the last 7 months has been a trying one for our great sport, and I am proud that the leadership had the good sense and courage to make the necessary changes so that we could be included back in the Olympics.

While wrestling truly has gone through a rebirth, with new leadership, rule changes, and weight classifications, there is still more to be done and I am confident that we will continue to take the positive steps needed in order to be successful. For me, success will not only be that a lucky few get to step out on the competition mat at the Olympic Games. It will be the amount of youth that will try out for wrestling after dreaming about Olympic glory, and learn the valuable life skills that wrestling imparts on its disciples in the process. Success will be the amount of people that wrestling heroes continue to inspire with stories from leaders like Daniel Igali who came as a refugee to Canada and became an Olympic Champion. Success will be the coaches and teammates that provide positive role models and good friendships. Wrestling does these things and many more, and I am grateful for having it been in my life. 

I cannot imagine an Olympics without wrestling, and tonight I will not have to. Thank you to all those that worked very hard to make this possible. Good luck to all those high school wrestlers, you can continue working just as hard for Tokyo, 2020!

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