2x Olympian!!!

Well, I didn't even know this blog was still running! My best friend Mike McCullough is in charge of this as I am not very techy, but it has been 3 years since I posted something here.

I mostly update friends and family of my performances and training and thoughts through facebook and Twitter, although 140 character bits really aren't as personal as a nice, thought-out blog. I guess I will start posting here, as many of the 'older' generation don't have a facebook account so I'm constantly being asked to put something up.

This last weekend was pretty exciting, I won the Pan Am Olympic Qualifying Event in Florida so I qualified for the Olympic Games in London this summer! It was especially rewarding because I had to beat the Cuban to qualify. I have lost to him twice in the past year, so to avenge those losses at hte same time as qualifying felt very good!

I returned from Florida yesterday, and now will be enjoying the next couple weeks of rest and off-the-mat exercises to refresh mentally and physically. I am very excited, the Olympics are 121 days away!!!!!

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    I mostly update friends and family of my performances and training and thoughts through facebook and Twitter

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    It was especially rewarding because I had to beat the Cuban to qualify.

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